My work takes the form of sculpture, installation and textile work, primarily focused with exploring the potential of everyday domestic and industrial materials diverted from the waste stream. Transforming the often found or forgotten in a subtle way they retain their integrity and their associated history of use. Through this process I suggest a potential second life, and explore the possibility of using the discarded object as it may have dreamt of being.


Suter Art Gallery ‘Cruel City’
400000 holes 2013
Hand punched sheet foam

With the history of lace in mind and reflecting upon the medium of textiles, this work explores the historical significance of handmade lace alongside the mass production of luxury commodity in contemporary society. While not making lace in a traditional sense, this textile work attains the significance of handmade lace through an obsessive investment of time and action. In doing so, I have shifted ‘value’ from the luxury commodity to its wrapping material and upheld the importance of human manufacture